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Mourning for Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze


The Institute for General Linguistics and Linguistic Typology and the Graduate School Language & Literature - Class of Language mourn the loss of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze who passed away on April 13, 2020 at the age of 67.

Professor Schulze was a founding member of the Class of Language (or “CoL,” formerly known as LIPP) and supervised numerous successful doctoral students. He truly enriched the CoL with his breadth of professional interest for languages and theoretical approaches and his openness for interesting hypotheses. Even after retirement, Professor Schulze continued supervising doctoral students and remained connected to the graduate school.

Professor Schulze held a professorship in General Linguistics and Linguistic Typology at the LMU for over 25 years and significantly influenced our university with his research projects and interdisciplinary approaches. Especially noteworthy was his creation of the Master’s program CCL (Cultural and Cognitive Linguistics)—a crucial step toward opening the linguistic field to more interdisciplinary scholarship.

Wolfgang Schulze’s constructive and well-founded feedback made his presence appreciated not only at our doctoral colloquiums, but also when he served as plenary speaker and presided over multiple LIPP-symposiums. We will miss his advice and thought-provoking discussions.


Mosaiksteine – Erinnerungen an Wolfgang Schulze